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Access is for professional picture-buyers ONLY, never the general public. Non-professional applications will not be processed.

The photos and/or texts presented on this site are not free of rights.

The following conditions formally bind the signatories of the present transfer contract. Each signatory declare having the necessary representation powers.

Each photo or reportage and or text is subject to protection under intellectual property legislation. Without prior consent from the agency, the transfer is valid for one publication, in one language and one user whatever the medium. Any re-publication, transfer to another medium or user or database or third party is prohibited without prior consent from the agency.

If the agency loans an original photograph to the publisher, the publisher will be subject to a pre-agreed fee independent from reproduction rights, for any loss or damage. The amount of this fee will be fixed according the value of the given picture.

All reproduction and/or representation will bear the obligatory mention of the photographer's name and that of the agency. In case of an omission, ALLPIX PRESS tariff will be automatically doubled. The publisher cannot oppose this double billing.

No photograph/image can be altered in any way by any means without prior consent from the agency or its representative. Cropping for layout purposes is the sole alteration possible without prior consent.

The publisher bears sole responsibility for any changes made to the captions of photographs by the agency. The agency guarantees the origin and authenticity of the document supplied.

The transfer of reproduction and/or representation rights for one or several photographs by the agency does not exempt the publisher from taking necessary measures to respect the rights of persons photographed. If need be, the publisher will obtain authorizations for publication from persons photographed, or from the owners of photographed objects or works, or written permission from the agency. The publisher bears sole responsibility for any publication without written permission from the person(s) photographed, or the owners of object or works photographed, or the agency. In case of litigation, the publisher waives the right to rely on the agency as guarantor.

The publisher agrees to send all proof of publication to the agency, which will be used by ALLPIX PRESS to bill reproduction/representation rights on a non-exclusive basis according to the pre-agreed tariffs.

The present contract will be interpreted under French law relative to contracts signed and executed in France.

In case of a disagreement concerning the present contract or failure of the parties to meet its requirements, the parties involved will entrust jurisdiction to the competent Paris Courts.

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